How NEFA started

In the early 1900s, Edward Hall, was a natural crusader with a passion to educate our communities on the dangers of drug use and abuse. Edward was a visionary and a dynamic speaker. His energetic and outgoing personality led the way for the creation of an organization called the “Temperance.” The name was changed in 1924 from the “Temperance” to the “Anti-Narcotic League of America.” Edward started a grass roots educational program which he took on the road. He presented his drug education program for community groups and provided printed narcotic educational material for schools, libraries, and churches. Henry Hall, Edward’s son, grew up watching and learning from his father. Henry developed the same passion and soon took a leading role in developing the next era of community narcotic education.

In 1954, the Anti-Narcotic League of America’s name was changed to what is now known as the Narcotic Educational Foundation of America (NEFA). Henry developed partnerships with the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry and produced several narcotic educational films which were viewed across the country. Known Hollywood personalities of the time assisted in the production, acting and narration of these films. Some of the films titles were, “Narcotics,” “The Judge and the Dope Peddler,” and “Assassins of Youth.” Another film titled “Dangerous Drugs” was narrated by a famous actor of the time, known as Ronald Reagan.

Henry like his father was an energetic and dynamic speaker. Henry proudly carried the torch his father lit many years ago and kept the narcotic education message alive. The success of the film the “Judge and the Dope Peddler” was re-written to become a one man presentation. For many years to follow, Henry presented this one man show across the nation. Because of Henry’s notoriety in narcotic education he was invited in 1959 to attend the Federal Bureau of Narcotics training school in Washington D.C. On May 15, 1959, Henry Hall graduated with honors.

NEFA’s partnership with the
California Narcotic Officers’ Association 

Henry’s home was in California and when the California Narcotic Officers Association (CNOA) started in 1964, Henry was one of its first supporting members. Henry was the oldest active CNOA member before his death at the age of 92. At the time of his death, Henry had spent his entire adult life educating the general public about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse. CNOA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing high quality training for law enforcement professionals for over 50 years. CNOA has become the largest non-profit training organization in California. CNOA members include: local, state, and federal officers, prosecutors, law enforcement professionals and other national and international associates. Prior to his death Henry Hall asked the California Narcotic Officers Association to oversee the Narcotic Educational Foundation of America and its Board of Trustees.

Today, NEFA has turned into the community narcotic educational component of CNOA. NEFA’s mission today has had little change since the day Edward Hall put his vision into reality. NEFA’s mission is, “To educate our communities and children on the dangers and consequences of drug abuse as well as to provide prevention information and tools to make right choices.

Where NEFA is going today

Today, NEFA is managed by leaders who firmly believe drugs hurt and destroy lives. NEFA’s purpose today is to assist our youth with difficult decisions that may impact the rest of their lives. Due to the ever-changing drug trends in America, providing up-to-date information has always been a priority, as well as a great challenge. NEFA’s researchers continue to review the overwhelming amount of educational information available, and share the most dynamic and objective information with our members and the general public.

NEFA now uses social media to help continue this valuable narcotic educational message while continuing to develop online education and resources that are frequently updated. NEFA has not forgotten about the value of face to face narcotic education. NEFA’s professional training staff is currently creating new dynamic community programs to assist educators, parents, youth and others who want to learn about the current drug trends and drug dangers in our society today.

In memory of Henry Hall and his lifetime work, NEFA has initiated our “Say No to Drugs” Annual Video, Essay and Poster Contests for California youth between the ages of 10 through 14 in two categories- an individual or a recognized youth organization/educational group for the video contest ONLY. The Poster contest is for an individual California youth between the ages of 10-12. The Essay contest is for an individual California youth between the ages 12-14.

NEFA is a proud partner with several likeminded organizations who share the same passion for narcotic education, prevention and right choices. Drug abuse education and prevention is a battle which should not be fought alone.

You can become an active partner with NEFA through facilitating community educational opportunities, by bringing the “Say No To Drugs” scholarship to your local schools or by giving any amount to help keep the mission alive for generations to come as NEFA has done since 1924. The future of our nation depends on our children and they depend on us to develop them so they have the tools and education to make right choices and become the next leaders of our nation.